Picking a Condo or a Townhouse in Port St Lucie

When it comes to condos and townhomes, there are a few differences every prospective buyer or renter should know abdou the two. A condo, shortened from the term condominium, is a form of real estate divided into several unites; each of these seperate units are individually owned. Condos can generally by set up in a number of ways; from rows of homes to an apartment style building. A townhouse is similar in that each unit is still owned by individual tenants, but they are more like rows of houses; generally, townhomes share a wall with adjacent units. Ownership is slightly different as well, as condo owners only own the interior of their unit, while townhouse owners own the interior and exterior areas of their unit (such as the yard and driveway). Regardless of if you're looking at condos for sale or townhomes for sale; there are quite a few options within Port St Lucie and St Lucie County for both. We at CENTURY 21 All Professional can not only help in finding what kind of property you would want, but can help in finding the unit best suited to meet all your needs. Contact us today and get started in finding the condo or townhouse right for you.

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