Real Estate Lingo: What Does “As Is” Really Mean?
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Property descriptions can be helpful for buyers trying to narrow down choices to find that perfect home. Three bedrooms-check. Heated pool-check. Island kitchen-check. But some descriptions aren’t so straight-forward.  Here is some common real estate lingo that can often be confusing.

Real Estate Lingo


This usually means the seller isn’t going to make any repairs. But that doesn’t mean you can’t negotiate a better price if your home inspection turns up a lot of negatives.


In a word, cozy means “small”.  Don’t expect to fit your massive king-size bedroom suite in a home with “cozy” bedrooms.


This term can mean anything from the kitchen needs updating to “this house is total tear-down.” Before viewing a “fixer-upper” property, have your real estate agent get more details about the property to make sure it’s something you want to tackle.

Mature Landscaping

This can be a delightful detail—who doesn’t want mature palm trees and a wonderful bougainvillea  vine draping over a trellis?  But “mature landscaping” can also mean that the yard is completely overgrown and in need of serious pruning and purging.

Water View/Waterfront

Does the home offer a glimpse of the ocean? Does it have a pier on a  navigable river? Awesome! These terms could also mean the property is on a drainage canal or within view of a small retention pond.

Walk Everywhere

This sounds convenient. But this term can also signal that the home is in a very busy area, which may or may not be something you desire.

Your Realtor® Can Help

Chances are, your Realtor® knows the neighborhoods a lot better than you do. They also have access to more information. If your agent has a good understanding of your needs and desires, they can help you weed through the real estate lingo to find your perfect home.

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