Keep the Property Tax Cap. Vote YES on Amendment 2
CENTURY 21 All Professional

VOTER ALERT: On December 31st the cap on non-homesteaded properties expires. Property taxes could increase up to 10 percent per year for every property in Florida that is not covered under the Homestead Act. This will affect local business owners who own their buildings, owners of rental and investment properties and part-time residents with second homes. That’s why Everybody is for Amendment 2.



“Amendment 2 is good for everybody! It helps communities thrive by preventing excessive property taxes, protecting renters from rent increases, and ensuring Florida remains an affordable place to live, work, and do business.”

Passage of Amendment 2 will make the cap permanent. If it doesn’t pass, our economy and communities will suffer.

Passage of Amendment 2 is Vital to the Economy

Debi Jensen, broker/owner of Century 21 All Professional sheds some additional light on the importance of Amendment 2.

Right now people are skeptical and scared to purchase properties that are not able to be homesteaded such as for an investment,  a second home, a rental property or a commercial building. They are afraid that if Amendment 2 doesn’t pass,  property taxes could go crazy.”

Debi owns the building which houses Century 21 All Professional. She said that if Amendment 2 doesn’t pass she may have to sell the building.  “ I cannot stay here and remain profitable if our taxes start going up more than 10 percent a year,” she said.

The Tax Cap Doesn’t Affect Community Coffers

Local governments have provided services for the past 10 years with the tax cap in place. No money is being taken away from local governments. Amendment 2 simply ensures that no government entity can implement out-of-control tax increases on non-homestead properties.


For more information about Amendment 2 visit Everybody is for Amendment 2

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