This May Surprise You! More People than Ever are Using Real Estate Agents
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Today’s always online, always connected world has transformed the way we shop, buy and sell. Everything from cars to dog food can be ordered and paid for online—then delivered right to your door.   In order for a real estate listing to compete it has to be online, all the time.  Buyers often have access to the same information as real estate agents. Sellers have access to many of the same online tools.  So less people are using real estate agents. Right? Wrong. More people are using real estate agents. recently published More Americans are Using Real Estate Agents than Ever Before.  And that includes tech-savvy millennials.

According to a Harris Insight poll:

  • 90% of Americans used a real estate agent to buy and sell a home—that’s up 5% over 4 years ago and 9% since the first study in 2001
  • 91% of millennials (18 – 34) used real estate agents
  • 94% of Gen-xrs (35-44) used real estate agents

Factors that increase the probability of using an agent include those with college degrees and those with higher incomes.

How Do Most Americans Choose an Agent?

According to the study, this is the ranking of how people choose an agent:

  1. Referrals from people I trust
  2. Finding agents with listings like my home
  3. Agents’ web sites and performance ratings
  4. Having a personal relationship with an agent
  5. Having an agent who is a member of a Realtor® organization

92% of Americans say they use the internet to look for listings and agents.  The top sites that people use are:, Zillow, Google and Facebook.

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