Control the temperature in every room with Smart HVAC
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Some like it hot. Some like it cold. Somebody in the house is always unhappy. Until now. Thanks to a new Smart HVAC system developed by Alea Labs, you can control the temperature in every room of your home. And even better, you can do it from an app on your phone.

Keep the man cave cool. Keep the baby’s room warm. The product, Alea Air, uses sensors which allow homeowners to control the actual airflow in each room with smart vents connected to the cloud. Each vent connects wirelessly to a central Airhub via Wi-Fi, which controls when the vents open and close.

The company predicts that homeowners can shave up to 20 percent off of their cooling and heating bills. If you want to turn up the AC in just the master bedroom, why cool the entire home? If you select 62 degrees in the just the master, the vents in the other rooms will temporarily close while all the cool air rushes to the one spot you want cooler.

Smart HVAC Air Sensors do more than Control Temperature

Alexa air vent

The Alea Air sensors promote healthy living by testing the air quality in each room. Future plans for the project include being able to test for dust and pollen.

Here are some other innovative features of this Smart HVAC:
A modular vent system that can accommodate different home styles
An easy retro-fit DIY project—just take out your old floor, wall or ceiling vents and slip in the new Alea Air vents

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You really can be the first one in your neighborhood to have a Smart HVAC system. According to this article on Fast Company, Alea Air systems can be pre-ordered now with shipping beginning in January 2018. Three vents and the connected Airhub cost $379. Additional vents are $119 each.

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