Choosing a Home Security System
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Home security systems have come a long way. Thanks to Wi-Fi and 24/7 connectivity, you can monitor your home from a laptop, tablet or smart phone from almost anywhere. You can set up a high-tech system yourself or have a professional install a state-of-the-art system. And you can customize a system to monitor everything from your door locks to your thermostat to your pet feeder. No more rushing home to turn off the stove—as long as it’s a smart appliance.

How to Choose a Home Security System

Thankfully, the consumer pros have done all the heavy lifting on research. With a couple clicks and a little bit of light reading, you can easily narrow down your choice of systems.

PC Magazine just came out with their Top Home Security Systems for 2018. Upfront costs for their top picks range from $49 to over $500 with monthly fees running $10 – $39.99. Check out their handy chart and tips about how to choose a home security system.

Systems that Partner with Alexa & Google Home

If you’re already using an Amazon Alexa or Google Home device, then you may want to install a system designed to work with your automated assistant. For safety reasons you can’t disarm a system with voice control but you can use voice commands to turn the system on:

Alexa, tell Simplisafe® I’m leaving.”

Learn more about the Security System designed to work with Alexa.

Learn more about the Security System design to work with google home.

Is a Security Camera Enough Security?

Depending upon your needs, a security camera (or multiple cameras) that can be monitored from your smart phone or tablet may be just right. And you won’t incur the monthly expenses of full system. The cost—and sophistication—of security cameras varies widely. Some are smart enough to tell the difference between an animal approaching your home versus a person. Some are even equipped with humidity and temperature sensors and can interact with other connected home devices such as thermostats and smart lighting systems.

There are also video doorbell systems that record video that’s sent to your phone or tablet when the doorbell is pressed. If it’s that pesky neighbor kid wanting to swim in your pool again, just ignore him from the comfort of your livingroom.

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