Agent Shannon Meizinger

Shannon Meizinger has been a Floridian living in Port St. Lucie For over 30 years. As a real estate agent, Shannon has the flexibility of working around the schedules of those she works with so she can be there for those priceless moments with her children and family; a cornerstone and top priority for the Meizingers.

This deep appreciation for family and loved ones is the reason is a stout supporter of Hospice - an organization that has been there the passing of family. As a devout animal lover, Shannon has rescued, nurtured, and released many suffering or helpless animals. Her other hobbies include event planning and really has a true passion for researching different elements of her events.

All of Shannon’s children have been athletes all their lives; nothing is more fulfilling than watching her children enjoy themselves and strive to achieve their goals.

Everyone is inspired by something. This inspiration is what motivates us to grow daily, overcome life’s obstacles, and be their best. Shannon Meizinger draws her inspiration from the love of her children and family. She’s the best she can be for her kids; she’s going to be the best she can be for you too. Give Shannon a call today.

Shannon Meizinger can be reached at 772-263-3923

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