Agent Peter Geraffo

Peter brings more than a quarter of a century of marketing and sales experience to the St Lucie County Community. Peter is originally from New York, where he worked with many Fortune 500 companies on a highly personal level in sales and marketing in his own business. He has learned that life is not to be squandered.

He and his wife, while on a weekend stay in the state, discovered Hutchinson Island and decided to move down to sunny Florida. After spending time with numerous rounds of golf and many different fishing expeditions, Peter decided he needed a new outlet; Real Estate was a natural fit.

His selling Philosophy is to treat the business as an experience he enjoys; it works well because he is a people person and enjoys meeting new folks. He likes aiding people with the largest purchase they can make in their lifetime, buying a home.

Peter has two criteria for a home in order for it to achieve maximum happiness for his clients: would he live in it and is it a great investment?

Peter Geraffo can be reached at 772-206-9279

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